Contact spuds first Ahuroa gas injection well

Contact Energy has spud a new gas injection well at its Ahuroa underground natural gas storage facility near the town of Stratford, located in the central Taraniki district, New Zealand.

The well is the first of three wells, which will enable sustained gas injection and extraction into and from the depleted gas field.

Following the installation and commissioning of a new compressor onsite, Contact has been injecting gas into the field at a rate of approximately 40 tera joules per day (TJ/d).

Once operational, the Ahuroa gas storage facility will restore gas supply flexibility to Contact, enabling the company to shut down its gas-fired power stations when they are not required, without being penalised by gas supply contracts.

The Ahuroa gas storage facility will also supply gas to the company’s $200 million, 200 megawatt gas-fired power station, which is currently under construction at Stratford.

Following the conversion of the depleted Ahuroa Gas Field, Contact will have created New Zealand’s first underground natural gas storage facility.

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