Fyfe commences Yulara Gas Pipeline feasability study

Fyfe has commenced a front-end engineering study for the development of a high pressure natural gas spur line to power the town of Yulara, located near Uluru in the Northern Territory.

The high pressure spur line will run from an offtake point on the Amadeus Basin to Darwin Pipeline, near the Mereenie Gas Field’s central treatment plant, to Kings Canyon and Yulara.

The work is being undertaken for the Northern Territory’s Power and Water Corporation.

Fyfe is assessing three proposed routes for the pipeline, taking into account sacred site and environmental concerns.

Managing Director Mark Dayman said that the routes ranged in length from 180 to 260 kilometres, with two of them either crossing or going around Lake Amadeus.

Power at Yulara is currently generated using compressed natural gas, which is delivered daily by road train from Alice Springs and is supplemented by diesel. Kings Canyon has a solar installation diesel-powered generators.

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