DomGas commends WA Gov

DomGas has endorsed the Western Australian Government’s efforts to develop the state’s tight and shale gas as potential new sources of energy.

DomGas Alliance Chairman Tony Petersen said that state royalty incentives and co-funding of onshore drill rigs will encourage new domestic gas supply.

“We have the potential to open up a tremendous new energy resource for the state and provide greater diversity of supply,”? Mr Petersen said.

Under the state’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS), $A20.5 million is being provided to explorers over four years as co-funding grants to support drilling in underexplored areas. In addition, the Alternative Energy Mobilisation Scheme, an extension of the EIS, will provide further funding of $A20.6 million over three years to specifically support drilling for onshore alternative energy sources.

Mr Petersen assured that environmental concerns relating to unconventional gas could be managed.

“The state has a robust environment protection regime,”? Mr Petersen said.

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