Jobs, investment at risk from anti-development activism: Tanna

BG Group Australia Chairman Catherine Tanna has warned that anti-development activism threatens thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investment in Australia brought in by the natural gas industry.

At a business luncheon in Brisbane, Ms Tanna stated that approximately 9,000 jobs have been created in Australia by QGC’s Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Project alone, and that two other natural gas projects in Queensland have similar numbers.

“When fully operational, our business will contribute more than $A1 billion a year to state and federal government revenues,”? Ms Tanna said.

“That’s equivalent yearly funding for more than 20 primary schools or about 1,000 hospital beds.

“That is a measure of what is at stake when we have decision making on this basis; when green activists and their supporters deliberately misinform; and when motives and charges go unquestioned and unchallenged.”?

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