Leigh Creek to commence construction

Leigh Creek Energy has received approval of the first of three Activity Notifications (AN), meaning it can commence site construction activities.

The three AN’s are required to commence its Pre-Commercial Demonstration (PCD) stage of the Leigh Creek Energy Project (LCEP) in South Australia.

Leigh Creek and its contractors are scheduled to commence on-site assembly and commissioning of PCD modules and supporting services and equipment next week, which is expected to take approximately eight weeks.

During this stage of the PCD, personnel will be in a range of accommodation in the townships of Leigh Creek and Copley, as well as the on-site camp that will exist for the brief construction period.

In conjunction with construction activities, three process wells will be drilled to service the underground in-situ gas (ISG) chamber, on approval of the PCD process well drilling AN.

This is expected to take 25 days to complete.

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