AGIT holds Gas Speak Colloquium

Earlier this month, the Australian Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) hosted its annual Gas Speak Colloquium, a presentation and skills workshop for young professionals in the gas industry.

Held at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, ACT over three days, the event saw 27 attendees from all corners of the gas industry participate in mentoring programs to assist them in gaining valuable experience and insights into the art of public speaking.

The event also gave these young professionals the opportunity to network with like-minded gas industry professionals and learn more about the sector from a variety of perspectives.

On the first day, the attendees participated in a workshop conducted by Talkforce Media and Communications Strategist representative Kristen Connell, who imparted her wisdom on the group with a talk entitled ‘The Art of Presenting’.

Participants prepared a 17-minute presentation prior to attending the event which was then delivered to their peers and mentors.

Each presentation was assessed by the colloquium mentors with CNC Project Management’s Tessa Williams judged the best of the group with her speech titled ‘The importance of increasing public trust in the gas industry in Australia’.

The attendees also prepared a poster centred around the topic of ‘Key issues affecting the oil and gas industry’, which were put up and assessed in Parliament House while the participants were given the chance to discuss their work and the industry politicians and company directors from energy heavyweights such as Origin, Santos and AGL.

The poster competition was won by Rinnai Australia Project Engineer Skandar Gabremichael with his poster about the gas appliance sector.

Gas Speak events have been held annually since 1982.

For more information visit the Gas Speak website.

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